Rental conditions


The boat will be delivered in the port of Cala'n Bosch from 9.30 until 12.30. The boat must be returned to the same port of departure between 17 - 19h. Any refund is made after this time and is not due to causes beyond the control of the tenant, will be penalized with 25% of the contract amount for each 30 minutes late. Essential: no never exceed the maximum allowable number of places on the model of boat rental. Also, if the rent for several days, the craft must also spend the night in the harbor and named, as each day the boats are inspected and prepared for the next day. Check with the company for more details on this section.


Rates include insurance with excess of 300 €. The amount of damages that may result to another boat, or his own, is covered by insurance from the excess amount, as well as failures and the collection of the boat if necessary. The customer agrees to pay the excess in the event of causing damage or harm to the vessel, and the non-return or loss of material or equipment supplied with the boat.


Finally if you can not make the rent and set aside, proceed as follows:


The rental price does not include fuel. When leaving the vessel will be delivered with full fuel tank and the return is checked consumption and must be paid separately.


The driver of the boat must have the qualifications for the boat rental. The renter assumes all liability for any fine, penalty or damage arising from breach of the provisions of this clause, and any violations of the Rules of the Navy committed during the term of this contract. The navigation of the vessel is limited to the coast of the island of Menorca, not being authorized or cleared for navigation between islands. No water skiing is allowed on any of the boats of the company. Animals are not allowed on board.


Maximum speed ports and beaches 3 knots. Respect area swimmers, anchored always yellow buoys off the beach. Respect the flag vessels of divers. No. TEL business in the event of a problem or emergency: 610261291-639322666


We remind our customers Menorca Biosphere Reserve, so please be careful not to leave litter on beaches, or throw into the sea. We appreciate that the end of the lease the client to pick up trash and deposit it in the container port. Also appreciate that trying to maintain proper cleaning the boat, so that we have to use the least water possible to clean it, since it is a scarce resource, especially in our island.


The current rates are the current year. Reservations will be accepted only if accompanied by the 25% of the total amount of rent. Payments will be made in advance by bank transfer, cash or credit card. VAT included in price.


It is expressly agreed that the company assumes no liability for any loss or damage of property left, stored or that the tenant or other person to forget, storing or transporting the boat, either during or after the end of the lease. The lessee assumes the risk of such losses and the company disclaims any claim for the same and agrees to hold free and harmless from any claim that occurs due to that cause, or for late or delayed as a result of damage to the boat and even the possible change of sea conditions caused by unexpected weather conditions once the boat has been to sea.

If the boat can not return to port under its own and needs assistance, for reasons of mechanical failure, the customer can only claim, as appropriate, to a maximum of 50% of the payment.

the previous case due to weather conditions or other reasons beyond the company, it shall not be liable for repayment of any amount.